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Gunsmoke Season 17 DVD Review


Season 17 of “Gunsmoke” delivers more of what fans love.

In the 24 hour-long episodes of the seventeenth season of “Gunsmoke” (which aired from 1971-1972), viewers get more adventures of Doc, Marshal Matt Dillon, Miss Kitty, Festus and Newly. Among the plots one can expect this season are Kitty getting lost in the countryside, an ex-con, Matt pursuing a killer named Ben, Travis (the brother of outlaws), a new Doctor, an outlaw who has a change of heart, a fill in Marshall for Matt, Lijah (a mountain man), an old Native American, a vengeful trailblazer, Matt getting severely injured and needing surgery, orphans, false accusations, Newly falling in love, Dirty Sally, the aptly named “The Predators,” a romance, an amnesiac man and his caretaker, and a wedding.

In today’s peak TV era, “Gunsmoke” comes across as an old fashioned western drama and that’s perfectly fine. The show, which was a juggernaut at its time, simply tells stories of outlaws, romance, heroics, shootouts, injuries in or around Dodge City. For the most part, the show revolves around the aforementioned core characters, but it also tends to focus on one shot characters and or guest stars. However, season 17 does contain a 2 parter (“Waste”) and the eventful 3 parter (“The Bullet”) which finds Matt getting injured and needing surgery.

Given that this is season 17, it’s clear the show is running out of ideas at this point. Sure, there are highlights like “The Lost” and “The Bullet,” but there are several instances with reused plots as there are multiple false murder accusations and Matt injuries just in this season.

Overall Thoughts: Between the location shooting and main cast of characters, it’s not hard to see why “Gunsmoke” was a hit. It’s a comfort show from a bygone era. For those who want to relive the show or experience it anew, this season 17 set is for you. And yes, there’s only 3 seasons left until the entire series is released on DVD.


Presentation: 4:3. The remastered color episodes have noticeably been cleaned up (although there is still print damage).

Audio Track: Dolby Digital Mono. How does it sound? It’s a bit flat but it does the job.

* Episode previews
* Photo gallery
* “Ben And Beckey Talk Gunsmoke: Season 17”- Authors and fans Ben Costello and Beckey Burgoyne talk about the season’s episodes.

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