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Star Wars: The Galaxy Needs You Book Review


“Star Wars: The Galaxy Needs You” offers positive messages for young readers.

Written by Caitlin Kennedy, “Star Wars: The Galaxy Needs You” is a children’s book that uses imagery from “The Force Awakens,” “The Last Jedi,” and “The Rise Of Skywalker” to tell a story about Rey and, well, you. It’s an encouraging story about being unique, life’s journey, obstacles, believing in yourself, growth and surrounding yourself with friends.

For a children’s book, “Star Wars: The Galaxy Needs You” is pretty deep in that it’s simultaneously telling Rey’s story while also lifting up the reader by showing them that they too are one of a kind. Equally impressive is the fact that Kennedy manages to tie-in the lessons that are learned in this sequel trilogy.

The book is accompanied by artwork from Eda Kaban. The art is stylized and colorful and resembles something one might see in a cartoon. It’s a perfect fit to the story being told within these pages.

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