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The Bad And The Beautiful Blu-ray Review


“The Bad And The Beautiful” is a classic backstage Hollywood movie.

In 1952’s “The Bad And The Beautiful,” the story begins with a disliked movie producer (Jonathan Shields) reaching out to 3 people from his past for a new project- a director (Fred), an actress (Georgia) and a writer (James Lee). Through 3 separate flashbacks, we learn how Jonathan advanced each of their careers but also royally screwed them over.

Directed by veteran Vincente Minnelli, “The Bad And The Beautiful” is a classic backstage Hollywood film about hopes, dreams, riches, human flaws, and backstabbing. The film could have easily devolved into a series of cliched stories, but that’s never the case here. Instead each of the 4 main characters are given characters with real depth to them. They’re not just characters with professional labels. Sure, the movie is largely a behind-the-scenes of old Hollywood tale, but it’s very much a character piece.

On the subject of the characters, the cast is aces here. Kirk Douglas is in peak form as the fiendish producer with a whole lot of swagger. He makes the character simultaneously likable and loathsome (which was the point). He also elevates the movie entirely due to his character and performance. Lana Turner (who plays Georgia) really sinks her teeth into the role of a once troubled actress whose career skyrockets. The same goes for Dick Powell (James Lee) as a married author who becomes a screenwriter and Barry Sullivan as the hungry director Fred.


Presentation: 1.37:1 1080p. How does it look? Expect a pristine print that offers up such clarity in the image quality.

Audio Track: 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? This 2.0 track is simply crisp.

* Theatrical trailer for “The Bad And The Beautiful.”
* 13 scoring sessions music cues.
* “Lana Turner: A Daughter’s Memoir”- An in-depth 87 minute 2001 TCM documentary about the legendary actress

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