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Prophecy Blu-ray Review


“Prophecy” is a clumsy eco-horror film.

Directed by John Frankenheimer (best known for “The Manchurian Candidate”), 1979’s “Prophecy” concerns a Doctor (Robert) and his wife Maggie (whose pregnancy is unknown to Robert) venturing to Maine. Even though he’s a Doctor, Robert has accepted a job to investigate a land dispute between Native Americans and a lumber company. Tensions are high as people are missing and strange things are happening to people and wildlife. As Robert looks into matters more, he discovers that the paper mill is polluting the waters with mercury which in turn is causing mutations among other problems. As if matters weren’t bad enough, a mutated killer bear is terrorizing the area. Will Robert, Maggie and company make it out alive?

“What the heck am I watching?” is something I uttered to myself while watching “Prophecy” and it seems like a good summary of the movie itself. Director John Frankenheimer and writer David Seltzer clearly tried to make a serious horror movie with a poignant environmental message, but the end result is a mess to put it politely. Not only does the movie devolve into a silly creature feature in the end, but the story is littered with so many strange elements including a chainsaw vs. axe fight, the goofiest sleeping bag death scene of all time, a raccoon attack, a giant fish, cheap looking slimy mutated bears, and so on and so forth. I’m also still baffled as to why a Doctor has been roped into this conflict to begin with! It’s just an odd movie all around

The cast is all over the place. Talia Shire tries her best here with some heartfelt moments but her character lacks depth. Nothing against Armand Assante, but why on Earth was he cast as a Native American? That’s some terrible whitewashing. Robert Foxworth (who has mostly done television work) is passable, but he’s not leading man material.


Presentation:2.35:1 1080p. How does it look? This disc contains a nice clean print

Audio Track: DTS-HD MA Stereo. How does it sound? Expect a quality Stereo track.

* Theatrical trailer and radio spots
* Still gallery
* Separate interviews with mime artist Tom McLoughlin, special make-up effects artist Alan Apone, special make-up effects designer Tom Burman, actors Talia Shire and Robert Foxworth and writer David Seltzer. All of these interviews are newly recorded.

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