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The World Of IT Book Review


“The World Of IT” is a must for fans of the horror franchise.

Written by Alyse Wax (who also provides an introduction and a conclusion), “The World Of IT” is essentially an overview of both “IT” and “IT Chapter 2” and their respective productions. Over the course of this oversized hardcover book from Abrams, readers get to see rare set photos, stills from the films, photos of everything from prosthetics to behind-the-scenes images, storyboards, sketches (even some by director Andy Muschietti himself), concept art, and script pages. The bulk of the book is comprised of written pieces that cover all aspects of the story. The setting of Derry is explored in depth as are places and events within it ala The Clubhouse, The Neibolt House, The Kissing Bridge, Jade of the Orient restaurant, and the infamous Sewer. The Losers Club characters (adult and child versions) of Bill, Richie, Mike, Beverly, Eddie, Ben and Stanley are also highlighted here along with key sequences that each character appeared in. Of course, Pennywise also gets the spotlight here. Everything from Pennywise’s victims to the on screen interpretation of the character is laid out here. Each section is accompanied by factoids, descriptions, and text about their significance and what not. Lastly, there is also a foreword by Andy Muschietti who sets up the book and lets readers know what to expect from it.

Now that it is officially October, it feels appropriate to be reviewing a book based on a horror film franchise and, of course, Stephen King’s original novel. While much of the book breaks down the story, characters, set pieces and the lay of the fictional land, there is plenty for IT fans to dig into here. The sheer amount of images is astonishing. Whether you’re looking over set photos or admiring vivid concept art by Vincent Prose that you wish was on screen, there’s no shortage of visual goodies.

From a written perspective, readers also get a wealth of information. Want to read interview quotes that give insight into casting? It’s here. Want to know details about how the interior of the Neibolt House was created? Also here. Looking for tidbits on the Paul Bunyan visual effects? You can read about it here! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Overall Thoughts: Whether you love both IT films or can’t get enough of Stephen King and film adaptations of his work, this coffee table book is sure to please. Recommended.

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