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Star Wars Adventures Issue 24 Comic Book Review


“Star Wars Adventures” #24 offers up 2 disposable stories.

In the 24th issue of IDW’s ongoing “Star Wars Adventures” comic book series, readers get two stories. The first comes from writer Ian Flynn and is titled “Kidnapped!” In this tale, Poe Dameron and Rapier Squadron are in a space battle with pirates. Poe’s X-Wing is disabled and Poe and a potentially malfunctioning BB-8 are captured by the Pirates. But is Poe in any real danger?

“Kidnapped!” has one big plot hole that makes the story ridiculous. Why didn’t the pirates bother to frisk Poe? That’s just standard procedure. It makes them look incompetent and it makes the story look poorly written. The art by Megan Levens is odd. The alien characters and BB-8 are drawn well, but Poe seems to look different in every panel. Sometimes he resembles Oscar Isaac and other times he doesn’t. Note: Charlie Kirchoff is the colorist on this story and Tom B. Long is the letterer here and on…

“Tales From Wild Space: Win/Loss” is the second adventure in this issue. Writer Shaun Harris crafts a story in which Emil tells a tale about how games aren’t about winning and losing. The tale in question is about a star Dejarik player named Bilk who is full of himself and is expected to win a major tournament. He also thinks he has it in the bag and even challenges his mentor Maz.

While there is a point to “Win/Loss” as there is all “Star Wars Adventures” stories, the punchline is rather dopey. There’s just not enough depth to this one or “Kidnapped!” for that matter. The vivid art by Manuel Bracchi (with coloring work by Matt Herms) is definitely the highlight of this one as each panel is brimming with activity.

The comic closes out with a “Dispatches From Wild Space” in which Emil answers a letter. There’s also a spotlight on the Maz Kanata character. A cover art gallery and IDW comic ads are also included.

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