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The Major And The Minor Blu-ray Review


“The Major And The Minor” is minor Billy Wilder.

Tired of big city life in New York, a young adult woman (Susan) decides to go back home to Stevenson, Iowa. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have enough money to do so. Knowing children get cheaper tickets, she pretends to be 11 years old in order to get one. As the train employees suspect something is up with Susan, she flees and winds up bumping into Major Kirby who takes care of her. To make a long story short, Susan winds up staying at a military academy with Major Kirby, his fiance Pamela, and Pamela’s kid sister Lucy until she goes back home. Susan becomes quite a darling at the academy, but Pamela is suspicious of her and could ruin her big fat lie. While all of this is going on, Major Kirby grows more attached Susan and vice versa. Note: There’s also a key subplot involving Major Kirby wanting to return to active duty.

Based on a play and adapted for the screen by writers Charles Brackett and Billy Wilder, 1942’s “The Major And The Minor” is a ridiculous one-joke high concept comedy that hasn’t aged particularly well in terms of the central story. This is a movie that would simply never be made today due to its warped premise that gets more and more problematic right down to the very end. Granted, this Billy Wilder directed movie IS designed to be a silly comedy, but it’s rather off-putting to see Major Kirby falling for what he thinks is a young girl even though she isn’t.

In terms of the cast, Ginger Rogers carries the movie on her back as Susan who pretends to be two different people during the course of the story. Even though the premise is icky, she is always charming and personable. The rest of the cast (which includes Ray Milland, Rita Johnson and Diana Lynn) also turn in solid performances.


Presentation: 1.37:1 1080p. How does it look? The print (which has been restored from the original negatives) has some defects, but it’s sharp overall.

Audio Track: Uncompressed 1.0 PCM Mono. How does it sound? Expect a clean, quality Mono track.

* “The Major And The Minor” trailer
* Image gallery
* A booklet featuring credits, photos, and an essay by film critic Ronald Bergen
* 1943 radio drama of “The Major And The Minor.”
* A half-hour audio interview with Ray Milland from 1975
* “Half Fare Please!”- A half-hour video appreciation by film critic Neil Sinyard
* An informative scripted commentary by film scholar Adrian Martin

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