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Rambo 4K UHD Review


“Rambo” is the best of the sequels so far.

With “Rambo: Last Blood” about to hit theaters, Lionsgate is releasing the fourth film on 4K. The 2008 action-adventure finds John Rambo living as a snake catcher and boatman. He is approached by a group of missionaries on a humanitarian mission to aid people in Burma amidst a brutal civil war. Initially, Rambo isn’t interested in helping, but a kind hearted woman named Sarah convinces him to change his mind. After delivering the missionaries to their destination, Rambo later learns they have been kidnapped and held captive by the ruthless SPDC Major Pa Tee Tint and his army. With the help of a group of mercenaries, Rambo mounts a rescue mission to save them.

“Rambo” has received criticisms for taking a real life conflict and turning it into an over-the-top action movie riddled with gratuitous violence. It’s a valid take to be sure, but it sells “Rambo” short. Is the Sylvester Stallone directed actioneer high art? Absolutely not, but the movie is not without its messages as it deals with themes of humanity, the endless cycle of violence, the lack of change, and faith. It’s also shedding light on events that took place in Burma regardless of how it is depicted. Granted, the script by Stallone and Art Monterastelli is clunky and not remotely subtle, but messages are being conveyed nonetheless.

“Rambo” also deserves some credit for diving into the titular character more. The previous sequels never quite dug into the character as much as one would like. With this fourth installment, it was refreshing to see Rambo’s internal crisis as a broken, lost, bitter man who is losing faith in virtually every respect and trying to figure out where he belongs.

Given that this is an action movie, I’d be remiss not to talk about the actual action. Truth be told, it is the most memorable aspect. Whether you are disgusted or riveted by the bloody, off the charts violence, you can’t deny that the climax is one of the craziest action sequences ever put to film. There’s a literal explosion of violence that contains rebels, mercenaries and Rambo (with a mounted gun) teaming up to take down the bad guys. Words really can’t do it justice. It has to be seen to be believed.

Note: This set includes the extended and theatrical cuts of “Rambo.”


Presentation: 2.40:1 2160p. How does it look? A definite upgrade over the Blu-ray. The image is sharper and the colors are richer.

Audio Track: Dolby Atmos. How does it sound? A satisfyingly loud Atmos track.

* Blu-ray copy
* Digital copy
* Lionsgate trailers and a “Rambo” theatrical trailer
* “Rambo: To Hell And Back- Director’s Production Diary”- 23 days worth of behind-the-scenes production diaries.
* 4 deleted scenes
* “A Score To Settle: The Music Of Rambo”- A self-explanatory featurette.
* “It’s A Long Road: Resurrecting Of An Icon”- This extra explores how this sequel came about.
* “The Art of War: Completing Rambo”- A 2 part extra about the editing and sound.
* “The Weaponry Of Rambo” featurette.
* “A Hero’s Welcome: Release and Reaction”- An extra about the Las Vegas premiere
* “Legacy of Despair”- An extra about Burma.

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