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Star Wars Resistance: Season 1 DVD Review


The debut season of “Star Wars Resistance” starts slow, but ends strong.

Taking place prior to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and eventually leading into it, “Star Wars Resistance” is a new animated series that revolves around a young pilot (Kaz) that has been recruited by the Resistance (namely Poe Dameron) to act as a spy on the Colossus (a ship fueling station/ship racing hub) on the planet Castilon to uncover any First Order agents or activities. In order to blend in, Kaz pretends to be a racer and mechanic even though he’s neither. While on Castilon, Kaz interacts with the likes of Tam (a feisty mechanic), Jarek (a Rebel vet who owns the repair shop that Kaz works for), Neeku (an alien mechanic), Flix and Orka (who run an acquisition shop), Hype and Torra (fellow racers), Captain Doza (father of Torra and Captain of the Colossus), droids like Bucket, CB-23, and, yes, BB-8 himself. Among the stories fans can expect to see in this 21 episode season are: ship races, Kaz’s junky ship racer Fireball, a pirate gang led by Kragan, mechanic repair jobs, crimes on the Colossus, First Order activities, refugees, a pirate spy named Synara, a creature named Bibo, Kaz spying and trying to keep his cover, and the First Order making their presence known on the Colossus.

Much like the first season of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and “Star Wars Rebels,” “Star Wars Resistance” spends a majority of the season trying to find its footing. Early on, the show is certainly aimed more at a younger audience with some throwaway stories and an abundance of humor (specifically Kaz’s slapsticky antics). There’s also far too many stories set on the Colossus which becomes a bit, well, boring after awhile. As the season winds down, however, the show comes into its own with the First Order mining facility episode “Station Theta Black” and the eventful, dark and dramatic “No Escape” 2 parter that looks to shake things up for the second and final season of the series.

It should be noted that the series also ties in heavily with the new trilogy of films. Truth be told, ‘Resistance’ is at its best when we see characters and story elements from the new saga. Having that connective tissue with the movies really elevates the show as a whole.

In terms of the new characters here, they grow on you. Kaz is a decent lead although he’s not one of the top tier characters on the show. Tam’s character arc is intriguing and looks to be a major part of season 2. The pirate Synara is easily the best of the new characters as she has an evolving and complex character. The energetic and curious pilot Torra is a lively stand-out. Neeku (who takes everything literally) is a bit one note at times, but provides plenty of humor. Jarek’s character has a lot of depth and is full of surprises. Of course, given that this is the Star Wars universe, fans can expect to see familiar faces like Poe Dameron, Captain Phasma, BB-8, and even the Guavian Death Gang.

One thing I will say about “Star Wars Resistance” is that it lacks the Dave Filoni touch. It’s true that he created the series, acted as an executive producer, wrote the story for the pilot and even does some voice acting, but, to my knowledge, he had no real involvement with the rest of the series. He did not write or direct any of the episodes which is a shame as the series could have used his guidance a tad more.


Presentation: 1.78:1. How does it look? While it’s a real shame there isn’t a Blu-ray release, the colorful and unique animation still shines in standard def.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? From the iconic sound FX to the score, this is a lively 5.1 track.

* “Resistance Rewind”- 21 short features related to each episode that contain cast and crew interviews, show clips, and discussions about numerous characters, ships and storylines.
* Commentary on “The High Tower,” “The Platform Classic,” “Bibo,” and “No Escape Part 2” by voice actors Christopher Sean, Myrna Velasco, Scott Lawrence and Josh Brener. While they have great chemistry together and crack plenty of jokes, there’s not a lot of substance to these tracks.
* “Path Of Resistance”- An 8 ½ minute featurette about season 1, the fan reaction, the show’s timeline, and tidbits/clips for season 2. Interviews and behind-the-scenes footage are included. Easily the best extra here.
* A whopping 12 bonus shorts which run a total of 15 ½ minutes. Expect lots of comedic material with the droid character Bucket, Orka and Flix, Hype, Torra, and Kaz.


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