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Star Wars: Myths And Fables Book Review


“Star Wars: Myths And Fables” is a quality anthology book.

“Star Wars: Myths And Fables” is an anthology book comprised of 9 short stories. The concept of this in-universe book is that these stories have been spread about the galaxy and may or may not be true. The tales included here involve Tusken Raiders and a Krayt Dragon, General Grievous and a certain tactical droid, 2 feuding alien species on the planet Glee Anselm, a heroic ancient Jedi hero in the city of Solace, a family on Batuu, a mysterious Twi’lek statue on Moraband, a witch and wookiee, an ancient Sith that destroyed Solace, and a scoundrel named Misook being pursued by a bounty hunter named Emim’Ai.

Similar to “The Legends of Luke Skywalker” in structure, “Star Wars: Myths and Fables” is an anthology book written by George Mann that covers a wide variety of characters throughout the SW universe. What’s interesting about this particular book is how cleverly written it is. The stories frequently hint at who the characters in the stories are without actually saying their names (sometimes that is). In other instances, you are learning about mysterious characters who may just be new to canon.

Truth be told, there isn’t a bad story in the lot. Even the weird fairytale esque “The Witch and the Wookiee” has its charms. The clear stand-outs, however, are “The Knight and the Dragon” which sees a certain Jedi Knight helping Tusken Raiders battle a Krayt Dragon and “Gaze of Stone” which gives readers a story behind a Twi’lek statue on Moraband who happened to be a Sith named Ry Nymbis.

Accompanying the stories are some epic color illustrations by artist Grant Griffin. Not only do they perfectly compliment Mann’s stories, but they strongly resemble the pictures you’d find in old fairytale books.


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