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Mazinger Z: Infinity Blu-ray Review


“Mazinger Z: Infinity” will appeal to fans of the franchise.

In this animated film follow-up to the “Mazinger Z” anime series, the story is set 10 years after the war against Dr. Hell. In this time period, Earth is at peace thanks to the advances in photon energy. Mazinger Z pilot (Koji) has now become a scientist while Great Mazinger pilot Tetsuya is in the military. Anyway, the main plot involves the discovery of a buried robot (Mazinger Z) which houses an A.I. girl named Lisa. Unfortunately, the villainous Dr. Hell and his minions Count Brocken, Baron Ashura and the mechanical beasts enter the picture and plot to steal Infinity and use its Goragan ability to destroy the world. Can Koji and company save the day? Will there be a new Mazinger to stop Dr. Hell and his catastrophic plan? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Unless you love the Mazinger franchise or mechs, “Mazinger Z: Infinity” might have limited appeal. It’s not that the script by Takahiro Ozawa is overly difficult to pick-up on if you have little knowledge of previous events. It’s just that it’s a very loud, action-packed anime film that leaves little room for characterization. In fact, the only character that really stands out here is the robotic Lisa. Outside of that, most of the movie is largely filled with pseudo-science babble, mech action, explosions, fighting, weapons, a typical world ending plot, romance (between Sayaka and Koji) and some really eye-rolling goofy moments (giant spiked soccer ball weapons and Mazin Girls boob missiles come to mind).

The best part of the entire production is easily the animation by Toei Animation. Under the guidance of director Junji Shimizu, “Mazinger Z: Infinity” is nothing if not a beautiful looking animated feature with exciting and explosive action and detailed environments and buildings.


Presentation: 16×9 1080p. How does it look? A crisp and colorful hi-def transfer.

Audio Track: English and Japanese 5.1 Stereo. How does it sound? The English dub is adequate but the original language Japanese track is preferred.

* Art gallery
* English open and end credits
* 3 “Mazinger Z: Infinity” trailers and trailers for other Viz Media titles.
* Ichiro Mizuki opening song promo.
* Interviews with Japanese director Junji Shimizu and crew members Yo Nakano, Hiroya IiJima, Daiki Nakazawa, Tomohiko Takahashi, Makato Ujie, and Takayuki Yanase.
* A video message from Go Nagai


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