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Pet Sematary 4K UHD Review


“Pet Sematary” improves upon the original film in every way.

In the 2019 adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “Pet Sematary,” the story revolves around the Creed family (comprised of father/husband Louis, mother/wife Rachel, their children Gage and Ellie, and a cat named Church) moving to a small town in Maine. Suffice it to say, this move does not turn out well for them. In the woods near their house there is a pet cemetery where a darkness lies. This is the place where the dead can come back to life only they don’t come back right to put it mildly. The Creed family comes to learn this after the cat Church dies and is brought back to life with the help of a neighbor (Jud). After tampering with these dark forces, a deadly string of events is set in motion for the entire Creed family and Jud as well.

The 1989 “Pet Sematary” had its moments, but as a whole, it was a mess of a movie with some woeful acting. It’s not often I think a remake was warranted, but this one sure was. Thankfully, this new 2019 film written by Jeff Buhler and directed by Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer does not let viewers down as it is leagues better than the original. Not only does it expand upon ideas and storylines more, but it feels like a more complete movie. It’s also a much darker and more sinister tale about loss, family, spirits, and letting go.

The main reason this new take succeeds is due to the cast. Jason Clarke (Louis) carries the film well. You really buy into his character’s descent. Likewise, Amy Seimetz (Rachel) really digs into this tortured character that is haunted by the past. Veteran actor John Lithgow (Jud) is a class act but that should go without saying. Jeté Laurence was the breakout star here as she handled the various forms of the character of Ellie so well. Last, but not least there are the twins Hugo and Lucas Lavoie as Gage. They also strangely resemble the Gage from the 1989 film!

“Pet Sematary” is not without its faults. The first half hour feels a bit rushed, but it does eventually settle in. I also felt like the scares weren’t as effective as they could have been. Sure, the film is intense, but the filmmakers opt for the jump scare fad instead of making the scares feel more natural. Some may also take issue with the changes (namely to the ending and with the character of Gage), but personally, I found them to be welcome changes.


Presentation: Widescreen 2160p. How does it look? The eerie atmosphere and visuals really shine in 2160p.

Audio Track: Dolby Atmos. How does it sound? From the quiet dialogue moments to the jump scares, this is an effective track.

* Blu-ray copy
* Digital copy
* 7 deleted/extended scenes
* Alternate ending- I think the right ending was chosen. This one lacks the subtlety.
* “Night Terrors”- The individual visions of the Louis, Rachel and Ellie characters.
* “The Tale Of Timmy Baterman”- Jud tells the story of Timmy.
* “Beyond The Deadfall”- A 4 part extra that covers this new adaptation of Stephen King’s novel. Set footage and interviews with the cast and crew are included here. Discussions range from story and characters, location shooting, the subjects/themes, etc.

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