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The Jerk Blu-ray Review


“The Jerk” isn’t for everyone.

In 1979’s “The Jerk,” Steve Martin stars as a simpleton named Navin who was adopted and taken in by a black family. Feeling the need to explore the world, Navin sets out on a series of adventures that lead him to working at a gas station, becoming a carnival worker, falling in love, getting rich from an invention and eventually losing everything. Will Navin find himself and realize what is important in life?

Ever since its release, “The Jerk” has been heralded as a comedy classic, but it’s never spoken to me personally. Granted, the phonebook bit, Steve Martin’s commitment to the character of Navin, and the dog (whose name I won’t type) are undoubtedly amusing, but it’s hard to shake the notion that it all feels like a one joke movie. The script by Steve Martin, Carl Gottlieb and Michael Elias also tends to meander quite a bit. Intentional as it may be, the story is basically a string of random adventures with a romantic throughline at the center. For some, it may be a laugh riot. To others, it may land with a thud. I tend to fall in the latter category.

As I mentioned earlier, Steve Martin certainly goes all out with the character and his dedication to the part should be commended however you may feel about the character or the movie. Bernadette Peters also shines as a cosmetologist (Marie) who falls for the dopey Navin.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? In honor of its 40th anniversary, this disc features a print that has been remastered from a 2K transfer. Sadly, it’s actually quite blotchy and less than impressive.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The 5.1 track is a little soft, but it does the job.

* Theatrical, teaser, and exhibitor’s trailers.
* Radio spots
* A instructional how to play “You Belong To Me” on the ukulele
* “The Lost Film Strips Of Father Carlos Las Vegas De Cordova”- Title says it all.
* “A Conversation With Co-Writers Carls Gottlieb And Michael Elias”- A 24 minute interview with the two who talk about everything from Steve Martin to various iterations of the project.
* “A Conversation With Steve Martin And Carl Reiner”- A nearly 27 minute interview that covers Martin’s career, the humor of the film, Bernadette Peters, the “You Belong To Me” song, set stories, and more.

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