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Under The Silver Lake DVD Review


“Under The Silver Lake” is one of 2019’s best films.

In this distinctly L.A. neo-noir (Silver Lake to be exact). The story revolves around a broke slacker/conspiracy theorist named Sam who becomes somewhat of an amateur detective after he begins to investigate a neighbor (Sarah) that mysteriously and abruptly moved out overnight. From there on out, Sam’s investigations lead him to down a path into the seedy side of L.A. as he encounters oddball people and becomes caught up in potentially connected plots involving a cult, pop culture, a Dog Killer, the murderous Owl Woman, and an underground community. To say anything more would be spoiling the weird and wild surprises within the movie.

Writer/director David Robert Mitchell’s follow-up to “It Follows” was not what I was expecting in the best way possible. “Under The Silver Lake” is an ambitious and wholly original film that feels like a cross between “The Big Lebowski,” “Mulholland Drive” with a good dose of classic film noir, but even that description doesn’t really do it justice. It’s the type of film that has to be seen in order to really get a grasp of it. Now, granted, the movie has already been rather polarizing as it’s certainly not for everyone. For those into cult movies or something completely different, however, might very well find themselves wrapped up in all of its wondrous eccentricities. I, for one, found myself entirely glued to the screen for the entire 139 minute runtime as the movie delved into subjects ranging from Hollywood to conspiracy theories. Any movie that can make Nintendo Power magazine a plot device is a winner in my book.

For the most part this is Andrew Garfield’s movie and he knocks it out of the park. It’s such a different role for the actor and he seems to relish every moment of it. You’ll notice a lot of the supporting players throughout the cast, but they all have very small roles. Only Riley Keough has some significant screentime. As always, she picks some of the most fascinating roles and this is no exception.

Overall Thoughts: “Under The Silver Lake” is the type of movie that you can’t stop thinking about as it has so much on its mind. Hopefully, this movie will become a cult classic one day as it so deserves to be.


Presentation: 2.40:1. How does it look? Even in standard definition the gorgeous cinematography by Michael Gioulakis shines.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? From the moody score by Disasterpeace to the dialogue heavy moments, this is a quality 5.1 track.

* “What Lies Under The Silver Lake?”- A featurette on the striking production design.
* “Beautiful Specter”- Disasterpeace’s score gets the spotlight here.

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