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Leprechaun Returns Blu-ray Review


“Leprechaun Returns” brings the franchise back to its roots.

Set 25 years after the 1993 “Leprechaun” film, “Leprechaun Returns” returns to the setting of the original film. This time around the story revolves around an eco-friendly group of sorority college girls living at the house including Lila who is the daughter of Tory (Jennifer Aniston’s character from the first film). As you can probably guess, Leprechaun does what the title suggests. Naturally, he’s looking for his gold too.

The Leprechaun franchise has long been a guilty pleasure horror franchise for me mostly due to the fact that Warwick Davis brought so much to the table as the murderous Leprechaun. When the abominable Warwick Davis-less “Leprechaun: Origins” came out and tried to make it a straight horror film, I thought the franchise was dead and buried. Alas, much like the titular character himself, he returns with the aptly named “Leprechaun Returns.”

This new entry takes a “Halloween” (2018) reboot approach by being a direct sequel to the original film and bringing the franchise back to its roots (in this case, a horror-comedy slasher). Everything you dug about the series is here. There’s plenty of over-the-top deaths and gore (the drone and sprinkler deaths are particularly noteworthy), goofy puns and one-liners, the Leprechaun wanting his gold, etc. No, Warwick Davis is not in this one either, but actor Linden Porco fills in admirably for the genre icon. Porco pays homage to Warwick while also doing his own thing (and clearly has a blast doing it). One returning cast member that does make an appearance here is Mark Holton who played Ozzie in the original. Truth be told, he’s the best part of the movie outside of the titular villain.

In terms of the movie itself, I certainly wouldn’t call it “good,” but I don’t think it’s trying to be. Director Steven Kostanski and writer Suzanne Keilly bring back the fun horror-comedy element to the franchise which was sorely needed. Yes, the characters are forgettable, the action is generally repetitious, and there’s barely a story to be found, but that’s not why people flock to this franchise. Fans treasure Leprechaun because of the Leprechaun, the deaths, the goofy humor, and this movie has all of that in spades.


Presentation: 1.78:1 1080p. How does it look? The picture is a little blotchy but it does the job.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? An effective 5.1 track.

* Digital copy
* Still gallery
* Lionsgate trailers
* 3 ½ minutes of behind-the-scenes footage
* “Going Green With Director Steven Kostanski”- A near 20 minute interview with the director about his vision for this new installment.

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