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Lords Of Chaos Blu-ray Review


“Lords of Chaos” is one of 2019’s best films.

Based on true events and on the novel of the same name, “Lords of Chaos” tells the shocking story of the origins of the Norwegian black metal band Mayhem. The story is told from the POV of band member Eponymous who started Mayhem. Through his eyes we learn about key members including the deeply troubled singer Dead and the psychotic fan turned band member Varg. More than that, however, we see the tumultuous events that occur within the band and the stomach churning atrocities that out of control band members committed.

As someone who feels biopics have become formulaic and stale, I was thrilled to see “Lords of Chaos” give the genre the jolt that it needed. Not only is it stylish, energetic, and, above all, fresh, the story itself is so unbelievable and crazy that you can’t believe it is (mostly) real. It’s not often you see a biopic that also doubles as a horror-thriller with dark comedic elements (and I mean dark), but that is what this film is.

What really struck me about ‘Lords’ is that writers Dennis Magnusson and Jonas Akerlund (who directed the film) have crafted such a deep story. There’s so much going on here aside from the a behind-the-scenes look at a black metal band as it dives into subjects such as death, toxic masculinity, lies, loss, violence, fame, egotism, facades, hate, paranoia, rebelling against religion, and more. Even though the story is set in the 80s, it feels very relevant to today.

“Lords of Chaos” also boasts 3 incredible performances. Rory Culkin (Eponymous) gives the best performance of his career to date. He manages to convey such a range of emotions with just his eyes alone. Emory Cohen really shines as the unstable (to put it lightly) Varg who becomes increasingly more messed up. While his screentime is limited, Jack Kilmer (yes, Val Kilmer’s son) gives a haunting performance as the deeply troubled but talented Dead.


Presentation: Widescreen 1080p. How does it look? Visually, the film isn’t going to wow anyone, but the fuzzy and grimy style feels appropriate for this movie.

Audio Track: 5.1 Surround. How does it sound? From the blaring music to the dialogue, this track does the job.

* DVD copy
* “Lords of Chaos” trailer
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