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Dick Tracy Forever Issue 1 Comic Book Review


“Dick Tracy Forever” starts with a bang.

In Michael Avon Oeming’s new series “Dick Tracy Forever,” the writer and artist takes a different approach to storytelling with an interconnected anthology approach. By that I mean this issue contains 3 connected stories. The first one is titled “The Cost of Living” and it’s set in the year 1931. Dick Tracy and his lady love Tess are supposed to a movie date night, but it’s interrupted by a robbery case that spills over into his date. The title of the second tale “Crash Manhattan” refers to a radio show which ties into the story involving stolen radio equipment for said show. Tracy looks into this robbert and is lead to a larger plot involving a criminal organization and a specific Tracy universe villain. Finally, there’s “Unfinished Business” which sees Tracy crackdown on criminals.

After the enjoyable but hardly revelatory “Dick Tracy: Dead Or Alive,” “Dick Tracy Forever” feels like a breath of fresh air. While the series feels like a good old fashioned throwback to 30s cop and crime stories, Oeming infuses his own style here both in terms of writing and art. I was particularly intrigued by the anthology approach and how the stories tied together. It made me eager to see what he has in store for future issues and if some of these story threads will be expanded upon even further (I’d assume so). The content itself has everything you could want from a Tracy store with villains, shootouts, character moments, detective work, and, yes, the iconic yellow coat.

The art style here harkens back to the original comics albeit with a more detailed and atmospheric modern take. The unique panel layout is noticeably striking from a visual perspective and makes the stories even more engaging than they already are. The colors by Taki Soma also compliment the art style perfectly.

The comic also contains a crossword puzzle, a maze, a cover art gallery and IDW comic ads.

Overall Thoughts: “Dick Tracy Forever” is well worth seeking out. Bring on issue 2.

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