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An Afghan Love Story DVD Review


“An Afghan Love Story” isn’t what you’d expect.

Written and directed by Barmak Akram, “An Afghan Love Story” (AKA “Wajma, An Afghan Love Story”) is based on several true stories. The story (which is set in Kabul, Afghanistan) revolves around a student (Wajma) living with her family and a waiter (Mustafa) who develops feelings for her. At the start, one would think it’s a forbidden love story about Wajma and Mustafa hiding their romance, but it takes a dark turn once Wajma winds up pregnant. Not only does that put a rift between the two, but it creates huge problems within the family as Wajma’s father feels it will forever shame and dishonor their family. What will the consequences of their actions be? What will become of their romance? Will Wajma keep the baby? Will Wajma stay in Kabul?

“An Afghan Love Story” is a powerful and thought provoking drama about the realities (and harsh realities) of the society and culture in Afghanistan particularly related to romance, family, women, laws, everyday life, physical abuse, honor, freedoms, among other deep topics. The grounded and almost documentary esque directorial style by Barmak Akram only adds to the emotional and often upsetting story that is being told.

The only place where the story really falters is with the actual romance. While it’s only a portion of the movie itself, it felt very rushed and I never bought into Wajma and Mustafa’s budding romance or why they fell for one another. It felt more like a soap opera than anything else. Luckily, the dark and poignant drama that follows the romantic feud really elevates the movie.


Presentation: 2.35:1. How does it look? An all-around solid transfer

Audio Track: Persian 2.0 Stereo. How does it sound? The track is not going to wow you, but it does the job.

The only extras are trailers for other Film Movement titles.

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