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Superstition Blu-ray Review


“Superstition” is disposable horror entertainment.

1982’s “Superstition” revolves an old abandoned house on Mill Road owned by a church that has a dark and violent history. As you can probably guess, an evil presence lurks within the house and it’s killing people within it. Matters only worsen when a booze addicted Reverend and his family move in there to try and clean up the place. Can a young Reverend (David) and a grouchy and suspicious police detective (Sturgess) help save people and stop the evil (you’ll find out what it is) or are they all doomed?

Director James W. Roberson’s low budget “Superstition” starts out as a promising albeit cheesy 80’s supernatural slasher/haunted house with some wild and bloody deaths involving a microwave, a window and a saw blade. After that, however, the movie devolves into standard horror fare filled with death, bad acting, no characterization, a heavy “The Amityville Horror” influence, and nonsensical character actions galore. Why people stay in the house or decide to live there after the endless atrocities is beyond me. Usually people find out they’re in a bad situation before it’s too late, but with this movie, the bad things happen from the start and never let up!

One would think that the big reveal of what the evil is would liven things up, but the way the story by Donald G. Thompson unfolds as if it were on auto-pilot. Were it not for some weird moments and the gore FX (which will undoubtedly please gorehounds), this would be an entirely forgettable horror film.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? Despite a new 2K scan, the print looks a bit rough as it’s littered with dirt specs and print damage. Some shots do look better than others though.

Audio Track: DTS-HD MA Mono. How does it sound? The audio fares better here with a crisp Mono track.

* “Superstition” trailer and TV spot.
* Separate interviews with actor James Houghton and director James Roberson.

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