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Star Wars Adventures Issue 20 Comic Book Review


“Star Wars Adventures” #20 offers up two Clone Wars era stories.

As with most issues of “Star Wars Adventures,” issue number 20 contains two stories. The first is writer Cavan Scott’s “Hide and Seek” which finds Yoda and Anakin on the jungle planet Retta along with separatist forces. The planet harbors a secret that could change the tide of the war for whomever possesses it. I will say no more.

“Hide and Seek” is a pretty standard story and one that has been done in other iterations with the “change the tide of the war” storyline that never actually comes to fruition because it would alter canon. At any rate, the story is still ultimately a moving one and it also fits well within Clone Wars canon. The real highlight here though is artist Derek Charm whose stylish work comes off as a cross between a children’s book with some original Clone Wars animated series flavor.

Next up is writer George Mann’s “Tales From Wild Space: The Journey.” In this adventure, Emil tells a story that his Aunt Lina told him about Master Luminara sending Bariss Offee on a mission to find a book. It’s a very simplistic morality tale that shows that it’s about the journey and not the destination. It also, of course, ties into what’s going on with Emil and his crew as per usual. With all of that said, it’s still nice to see these often underutilized Jedi characters have their own story however short it may be.

The artwork by Valentina Pinto is on point here. The characters are perfectly drawn and the colors (especially on Offee’s cloak) really pop.

Finally, the comic concludes with a “Dispatches From Wild Space” piece featuring a message from Emil and a spotlight on Bariss Ofee. There’s also the usual IDW comic ads and a cover art gallery.

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