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Justice League vs. The Fatal Five 4K UHD and Blu-ray Review

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“Justice League vs. The Fatal Five” is a top tier DC animated film.

After the Legion of Super-Heroes tussle with 3 members of the Fatal Five (The Persuader, Mano, and Tharok), their fight is soon put to a halt after the Fatal Five members travel from the 31st century to the 21st century to find Limelight (who that is, I won’t say). Luckily, one of the Legion members (Star Boy) manages to travel back in time as well. Meanwhile in 21st century Earth, the 3 Fatal Five members begin to wreak havoc as their plan comes into focus. Only Star Boy and the Justice League (comprised of Superman, Batman, Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz), Wonder Woman, Miss Martian, and Mr. Terrific) can stand in their way.

It’s no secret that the DC animated films tend to be hit-and-miss, but, thankfully, “Justice League vs. The Fatal Five” hits all the right notes. This animated feature has everything you could want from a DC animated film let alone a superhero story. It’s action packed, the story is straight to the point, there’s time travel, there are mysteries involving Limelight and the whereabouts of the other 2 Fatal Five members, there’s intergalactic adventures, there’s fun cameos (especially by villains), and, above all, there’s legitimate characterization. Sure, there’s some cheeseball one-liners and story cliches, but they never detract from anything happening on screen.

Going back to the characterization, this is very much a film about two characters- Star Boy and Jessica Cruz. Both characters get a major character arc with real weight to it. This is especially evident in the end. In fact, I was surprised how much depth the characters had as the movie delved into topics about mental health and finding yourself and your purpose. It’s not uncommon to see character work sacrificed for action set pieces and visual spectacles. While there’s still plenty of set pieces here, they aren’t thrown in for the sake of action.

The voice cast is stellar across the board with Elyes Gabel (Star Boy), Kevin Conroy (Batman, duh) and Diane Guerrero (Jessica Cruz) being highlights. Between “Doom Patrol” and now this, Guerrero is fast becoming a major player in the DC Universe!


Presentation: 1.78:1 2160p for 4K and 1080p for Blu-ray. How do they look? The 4K transfer is slightly more defined, but, truth be told, the Blu-ray is just as impressive. There’s little difference between the two.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA for 4K and Blu-ray. How does it sound? From the sound FX to the voice acting, the 5.1 track does not disappoint.

Extras (on Blu-ray disc only):
* Warner Bros./DC trailers including ones for “Justice League Dark” and “Justice League Vs. Teen Titans.”
* An episode from “Legion of Super Heroes” titled “Man of Tomorrow” and an episode of “Justice League Unlimited” titled “Far From Home.”
* A 9 minute sneak peek at the forthcoming “Batman: Hush.” Hopefully it’s a faithful adaptation!
* “Justice League vs. The Fatal Five: Unity Of Hero”- A featurette on the diversity of heroes in this film and in the DC universe.
* “Battling The Invisible Menace”- A featurette on mental illness particularly in relation to the characters that have mental health conditions in this animated feature.
* A solid commentary by Bruce Timm, Jim Kireg, Sam Liu, and Eric Carrasco. Discussions range from easter eggs to animation.

Note: The 4K edition comes with a Blu-ray copy and a digital copy while the Blu-ray edition comes with a DVD copy and a digital copy.

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