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Gone Crazy DVD Review


“Gone Crazy” lacks thrills.

“Gone Crazy” is yet another title from IndiePix’s Retro Afrika line of South African films. This entry is a 73 minute thriller. The story starts off with a disgruntled and disturbed man attempting to bomb the Mayor’s home. After that, he decides to act on a much more horrific plan by stealing a bomb, holding a woman hostage, and blowing up the dam to destroy the small town he inhabits. The only two people who can stop this madman are an Inspector and a Private Detective who must team up in order to stop him.

Like all of the Retro Afrika titles I have reviewed, this one has a DIY spirit which is entirely commendable. As a film, however, 1983’s “Gone Crazy” is lacking many crucial elements that make up a good film. For starters, Lorraine Philbrick’s script has little to no characterization nor is there enough of a plot to fill the runtime. The script clearly coasts on the race against time bomb plot, but that plot is worn thin very early on. “Gone Crazy” would have worked far better as a short than a feature.

The direction by Tony Cunningham doesn’t fare much better as he pads the movie with countless walking and searching shots. The location shooting variety is commendable as many of these South African films had very few locals so the movie at least has that going for it.

The cast is pretty bland here with only Hector Mathanda (a Retro Afrika film regular) giving it his all. If only he had more developed villainous character to work with.


Presentation: 3:2. How does it look? The film has been given a quality standard definition transfer.

Audio Track: Zulu Stereo With English Subtitles. How does it sound? The Stereo track is inconsistent but it’s acceptable.

Extras include a link to “Entre Nos” and a trailer for “Gone Crazy.”


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