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Dick Tracy: Dead Or Alive Issue 1 Comic Book Review


“Dick Tracy” returns in a promising new mini-series.

In the first issue of the four issue mini-series “Dicky Tracy: Dead Or Alive,” the story begins with the titular character losing his job. Meanwhile, in another city, corrupt city officials have become displeased that the city is being cleaned up. They decide to hire Dick Tracy to be a patsy, but the plan backfires when Tracy goes after the corrupt officials (including the villainous Big Boy).

Chester Gould’s iconic character Dick Tracy may not be in the public eye much these days, but I have a great fondness for him. Interestingly, this new comic series written by Lee and Michael Allred (the latter also inked the issue) touches upon the concept that Tracy is seen as a sort of relic, but that the character is still continuing on to do what he has always done. This series also kind of brings the character into modern times. I say kind of because there are cellphones and a character who is a software mogul, but there’s also traces of it being set in a different time period via the fashion and cars. Basically, it’s a mixture of new and old which is a cool stylistic choice.

Story wise, the plot of the debut issue is pretty basic in that it sets up the story and characters. With that said though, I’m completely on board as the Allreds certainly seem to get the character.

The art by Rich Tommaso is flat-out fantastic. It has a retro indie comic art vibe that also captures the look of old Tracy comics to a degree. I couldn’t ask for a better art style.

In terms of bonus material, readers get a cover art gallery, an overview of Tracy history, and a behind-the-scenes look at material of this new series from the script to the final page.

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