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Sesame Street: Celebrate Family DVD Review


“Sesame Street” gets a new DVD release with “Celebrate Family.”

With the “Sesame Street: Celebrate Family” DVD release, viewers get to watch 5 episodes titled “Our Family’s Way,” “A Very Cookie Mother’s Day,” “Father’s Day,” “Hello Rudy” and “Grandparents Celebration.” The episodes (which contains human and muppet characters such as Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Grover, Abby, Rosita, Rudy, Alan, Chris, among others) contain plots about Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, gift giving, family, differences, love, grandparents, cooking and compromise. Of course, there’s plenty of educational moments and songs involving the alphabet and numbers.

Having not seen “Sesame Street” for decades now, the show certainly looks a bit different these days with higher production values, animated segments, and characters I have never seen before like Abby and Rudy. Changes aside, however, the heart of the show still remains in that it’s still a series devoted to teaching and educating young viewers. Obviously, the central theme of this DVD release is about family and family oriented celebrations and the show does a commendable job in exploring these subjects.

Perhaps the most rewarding thing about this series is that it has managed to endure since its debut in 1969. Not only do the characters continue to resonate with generations of people now, but the positive and important messages displayed in the show are simply invaluable.


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? The show certainly has better production values these days and this crisp transfer shows that.

Audio Track: Dolby Audio. How does it sound? From the dialogue to the songs, this track delivers.


* “Sesame Street” ads.
* “Marvie’s Song For Dad”- Title says it all.
* A bonus episode titled “Siblings.”

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