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The Possession Of Hannah Grace DVD Review


“The Possession Of Hannah Grace” wastes a promising premise.

“The Possession Of Hannah Grace” begins with the titular character undergoing an exorcism that goes south. In the end, Hannah’s father is forced to kill his own demonically possessed daughter. The story jumps ahead 3 months to a former cop suffering from PTSD named Megan. Megan has just landed a solitary job working the graveyard shift at the Boston Metro Hospital morgue. The peace and quiet she seeks doesn’t happen, however, when Hannah’s cut up body is brought in. As you can probably guess, crazy stuff begins to happen to Megan and other hospital employees. Will Megan be able to overcome her issues/obstacles when facing off against a demonic presence?

For the most part ‘Hannah’ is a pretty straight forward and uneventful horror film that suffers from standard horror movie flaws ala dumb character actions, an overuse of CGI (it kills any and all suspense the movie could have had), a wasted premise, repetitious action, overly staged horror moments, an achingly obvious main character journey and a weirdly rushed and anti-climactic ending.

While it may sound like ‘Hannah’ is a bust from my above description, there is actually some good content here. The first half of the film is fairly engaging thanks to a strong story set-up and a respectable amount of characterization. What’s really most noteworthy though is the premise itself. Yes, there are some noticeable similarities to “The Autopsy Of Jane Doe” (which is a better movie), but the concept of a demonic possession continuing on after the host dies is a neat one for a horror film. Unfortunately, the idea itself is largely wasted. Yes, we do get some eerie moments with Hannah healing, but much of the time Hannah just preys on victims, uses the same powers, and does an Exorcist esque spiderwalk all over the place. It’s just a shame the creativity level let down an otherwise good idea.


Presentation: 2.39:1. How does it look? The film has been given a sharp and glossy standard definition transfer.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? As tends to be the case with any modern horror film, this one has an effective use of sound.

* Sony trailers
* Digital copy
* 1 deleted scene
* “An Autopsy Of Hannah”- A tour of the morgue set along with a look at the makeup and creature FX.
* “The Killer Cast”- A featurette about the cast and characters.
* In character extras titled Megan’s Diaries Night 1 and 2.

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