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Star Wars Adventures Issue 18 Comic Book Review


“Star Wars Adventures” continues on with issue 18.

In the 18th issue of “Star Wars Adventures,” readers get the usual two stories. The first is titled “Raiders Of The Lost Gundark” and it’s written by Delilah Dawson who previously penned the “Phasma” novel. It’s a very simple tale about Jar Jar Binks and Padmé embarking on a treacherous quest together to find a Gungan relic. Since Jar Jar is heavily featured here, you can probably guess this Indiana Jones esque yarn is rather goofy and comedic that somehow manages to be a fun romp. The art and color work by Derek Charm definitely benefits the story overall with the colorful images on display as well as some great panel constructions. That single page cave piece was masterfully done.

Story number two is “Flight Of The Falcon Part 5: Grand Theft Falcon” by writer Michael Moreci. Unlike past ‘Flight’ stories this one has a different set-up in that we don’t know who the story is about initially nor do we know who Bazine is talking to until the end. Without spoiling the plot, I will say the story finds Han Solo enlisting the help of an alien aching for adventure for a job. Unfortunately, it’s a decision he quickly regrets as this alien being steals the Falcon and lives out his dream as a pirate/smuggler. What makes this particular story so rewarding is that it ties into something mentioned in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” This is the type of stories I would love to see more of as they directly connect to something in the saga. It’s not a throwaway story like many.

Artist Arianna Florean and colorist Adele Matera are an incredible art and colorist team here as they provide some of the best art I’ve seen in this comic series. It honestly looks like the template for a great animated series or film.

The comic ends with a “Dispatches From Wild Space” featuring an Emil message, a Jar Jar Binks character spotlight, a cover art gallery and IDW comic ads.

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