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Home From The Hill Blu-ray Review


Impressive acting saves “Home From The Hill.”

In this Texas set film, the story revolves around a rather dysfunctional family. There’s the macho wealthy land owner Wade, his young and naive son Theron who is learning to become a man, Wade’s wife Hannah who despises him, and an illegitimate son who I won’t reveal due to spoilers. The bulk of the story revolves around the family’s warped dynamics and secrets, an exploration of the two son’s lives, as well as a love triangle between Libby, Theron, and an employee of Wade’s named Raef.

Watching “Home From The Hill” in 2019, the most striking thing about this sweeping melodrama is how relevant the character of Wade is. In this modern era where toxic masculinity has been a major topic of discussion and news (and rightly so), it’s rather shocking to see that a character from a 1960 film in Wade is basically the poster child of it. He’s a womanizer, a gun toter, a trophy hunter, a terrible husband and father, and that’s just some of his awful qualities. He’s a truly despicable and controlling human and what he does to those around him is even more unsettling. The character is made even more memorable due to the stand-out performance by Robert Mitchum. He never overplays the scumbag character and is, in fact, more subtle which makes it all the more effective.

Mitchum isn’t the only actor who shines here though. A young George Hamilton gives one of his best performances as Theron, George Peppard (perhaps best known for “The A-Team”) brings depth to the character of Raef, and Eleanor Parker as the tortured mother/wife Hannah.

In terms of the film itself, director Vincente Minnelli essentially crafted a standard Hollywood melodrama that dips into soap opera territory (albeit a rather dark one). At 150 minutes, the movie runs a bit too long considering how little happens in turns of events (this is a much more character based story), but it surprisingly never drags thanks to the acting by the ensemble cast. That’s certainly a testament to their abilities.


Presentation: 2.35:1 1080p. How does it look? A gorgeous transfer with rich colors.

Audio Track: 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? A better than average 2.0 track.

The lone extra is a “Home From The Hill” trailer.

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