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Dragon Ball Super Volume 4 Manga Review



In the fourth volume of writer Akira Toriyama’s “Dragon Ball Super” manga series, Goku and Vegeta return from the future…without Trunks. In the future, Trunks is getting thrashed by Goku Black, but luckily he gets saved by two Lord of Lords (Gowas and Kaio-Shin). After that, Goku Black and Zamas continue their reign of terror while Goku and Vegeta try to level up as it were. Will Goku and Vegeta’s combined efforts be enough to stop Goku Black and Zamas? Does Trunks hold a key that might help his allies and family? Do Goku Black and Zamas have a few tricks up their sleeves? You’ll just have to read it to see!

If you love the action in the “Dragon Ball Super” franchise (or just the DB franchise for that matter), volume 4 was tailor made for you. The manga is filled to the brim with earth shattering, limb regenerating, metal block smashing action complete with the heroes and villains taking on numerous forms. On the downside, the action heavy volume leaves little room for characterization (although there are a few surprising character and plot reveals here and there). It might be equally frustrating that fans will have to wait several months for volume 5 because the fourth volume does not conclude the epic battle or the current story arc. Take that as you will.

Once again, artist Toyotarou’s work is first rate. The detailed and intense action panels feel as if they are exploding off the page and into your eyeballs. Truly he is a master of the manga format.

Note: The manga ends with a multi-page discussion between Akira Toriyama and and Toyotarou. It is not to be missed.

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