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Fishy Stones DVD Review


“Fishy Stones” has its moments.

“Fishy Stones” is another addition to the IndiePix Retro Afrika line of South African films from the Apartheid era. In this 1990 film, the story revolves around 2 bumbling small time diamond thieves (the dopey Makhosi and the “brains of the operation” Robert) who get busted by the police. Before they are captured, they toss their loot out the window to retrieve down the road. Later, 2 teen friends (David and Alex) on a camping excursion wind up finding the diamonds. Of course, as if on cue, Robert and Makhosi break out of jail and head straight for the diamonds which leads them to coming across David and Alex.

Like the previously reviewed “Revenge,” “Fishy Stones” is a South African indie film with an all black cast. Instead of being a western, however, this one is more of a comedic crime drama. Technically, this movie is a bit more interesting from a directorial perspective as it contains a car chase and shootout. Granted, the rest of the movie has limited locations and actions, but director Tonie Van Der Merwe deserves credit for his stylish ambitions.

The script leaves a lot to be desired here with plenty of amateur plotting and rambling dialogue in which the characters repeat themselves over and over. On the plus side, this film at least has some characterization. Of course, the character appeal is largely due to stars Popo Gumede (Robert) and Hector Mathanda (Makhosi). The two actors truly carry the movie with their often goofy on screen chemistry and banter.


Presentation: 3:2. How does it look? The digitally remastered film looks as good as new.

Audio Track: Stereo. How does it sound? The movie is presented in Zulu with English subtitles. The sound quality is good even though the funky score may drive you mad.

Extras: “Fishy Stones” trailer and a screening link to “Entre Nos.”

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