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Star Wars Adventures: Destroyer Down Issue 1 Comic Book Review


“Star Wars Adventures” gets a new spin-off with “Destroyer Down.”

In the first of three issues of the “Star Wars Adventures: Destroyer Down” comic book series, readers get two interconnected stories. The first is simply titled “Destroyer Down Part 1” and it’s set on Jakku. In this tale, Unkar Plutt tells Rey and a group of scavengers a story about an alleged fallen Star Destroyer known as the Spectral that hasn’t been found or plundered. Rey leads the way to find this alleged ghost ship with other scavengers following suit. The second story is titled “The Ghost Ship Part 1” (AKA “The Ghost Ship: There And Then”) and is actually a prequel story about the aforementioned Imperial ghost ship the Spectral that is engaged in a battle with a group of X-Wing fighters before it jumps to the Battle of Jakku.

Writer Scott Beatty penned both of these stories and I have to say I’m a fan. Not only is the storytelling engaging in that we get connected stories from different time periods, but there’s also plenty of deep cuts here that will appeal to SW enthusiasts. The most notable inclusion here is that Constable Zuvio has a role! Yes, the fabled character who had his own action figure but only appeared in quick flashes in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” finally gets the spotlight.

Now, granted both of these stories are essentially just set-ups and teases for what’s to come, but I’m all in. This is a nice change of pace from the anthology format of the flagship “Star Wars Adventures” series and I’m eager to see how the story plays out.

In terms of the artwork, there’s a lot to admire. Derek Charm creates the memorable art for “Destroyer Down” and it has a very “Forces of Destiny” vibe in that it’s stylized and colorful. Jon Sommariva’s art for “The Ghost Ship” is equally impressive. He particularly excels at depicting intense ship battles and character expressions.

As per usual, the comic conclude with a cover art gallery and IDW comic ads.

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