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Hell Fest Blu-ray Review


“Hell Fest” should delight horror and slasher film fans.

In “Hell Fest,” a group of friends ( Natalie, Brooke, Taylor, Quinn, Asher and Gavin) attend a traveling horror attraction (the titular Hell Fest) for a night of thrills, chills, and perhaps some romance. As they make their way through the park, Natalie catches the attention of a masked individual. However, the masked man (known as The Other) is not an actor or park performer as they all soon find out. Instead, he’s a killer who has targeted the group of friends. Is The Other someone they know? Will any of them make it out alive? All is revealed in the end.

This past Halloween season, 2018’s poorly conceived “Halloween” reboot was all the rage in terms of slasher films. What should have been getting more attention is the superior “Hell Fest.” This is simply a fun original modern slasher that is dripping with atmosphere. The concept of a slasher set at a horror attraction ala Universal’s mega popular “Halloween Horror Nights” is enticing enough. Add in the fact that the characters don’t know what is real and what is not because The Other blends in with the haunters and costumed creepers makes it even more of a horror thrill ride.

Now, granted, there’s not much going on here intellectually. What you see is what you get. With that said though, writers Blair Butler, Akela Cooper and Seth M. Sherwood do a fine job with the characters. There’s a legitimate effort to explore the dynamics between the main characters before the mayhem begins. The Other character is also well crafted in that we are intrigued by what little we know about him. The character is set up in a way that will have you aching to see more of him in sequels (if they happen).


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? A bright and colorful transfer that also handles the darker scenes quite well.

Audio Track: DTS: X. How does it sound? An immersive track that sounds like you are at Hell Fest yourself.

* DVD copy
* Digital copy
*Lionsgate trailers and a “Hell Fest” trailer
* “Thrills And Kills: Making Hell Fest”- A standard featurette containing film clips, interviews, and story and character discussions.

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