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Star Wars Adventures Issue 16 Comic Book Review



In the 16th issue of “Star Wars Adventures,” readers are treated to two stories. The Kevin Burke and Chris “Doc” Wyatt scripted “All Aces Battle Royale” is the first “Star Wars Resistance” story to appear in this comic series. The Castilon set story finds Kaz and BB-8 spying on a First Order informant during the titular race. This feels like an extension of the series which is exactly what it should feel like. It almost feels like this was meant to be an actual plot in the series. The art and colors by Valentina Pinto, however, do not look like the animated series and that’s perfectly fine. I actually admired the children’s storybook esque art especially during the racing scenes.

The second story is titled “Flight of the Falcon Part 3: Home Again.” In this Michael Moreci written tale, Bazine Netal goes to Felucia to meet fan favorite bounty hunter character Embo to get details about the Millennium Falcon. Embo then tells a tale of Lando and Nien Nunb making a fuel stop. They discover the Falcon isn’t working and encounter Embo himself. The set-up for this story had me all in. Unfortunately, the conclusion lost me. This is such a hurried, anti-climactic story that had so much potential. Luckily, the art by Arianna Florean is on point here. I particularly love the depictions of Embo and Lando.

Lastly, there’s the usual “Dispatches From Wild Space” piece and a spotlight on Embo. The Dispatches piece does something different this time around and gives a rundown on the main characters of “Star Wars Resistance”- Kaz, Neeku, Tam and Yeager. As per usual, the comic concludes with a cover art gallery and IDW comic ads.

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