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Star Wars: Lando’s Luck Book Review


The more Lando the better.

Author Justina Ireland’s YA “Star Wars” novel “Lando’s Luck” kicks off the Flight of the Falcon series that spreads across different mediums. This “Solo: A Star Wars Story” era Lando tale begins with spy Bazine Netal wanting details about the Millennium Falcon and its whereabouts from a mysterious woman. The woman then tells a story about Lando and L3-37 in which the Sabacc cheater/smuggler gets busted for illegally smuggling boze on the planet Hynestia. Lando is initially sentenced to die, but the local Princess Rinetta makes a deal to save Lando’s life. The deal? Lando must deliver an object as payment to the Empire. If he doesn’t he will be notified as the thief of the object (an energy sourced known as the solstice globe) and then the Empire would be after him. The “deal” isn’t quite what it seems, however, as Rinetta really needs Lando to deliver the solstice globe elsewhere in order to help the clan of her strategy instructor/friend Zel Gris (who tried to steal it herself). As you can imagine, this situation becomes further complicated by Rinetta’s mother the Queen, Lando’s debts, and a whole host of other complications.

As someone who feels Lando is often an underutilized character, it’s nice to see him get his own book. While “Lando’s Luck” is by no means perfect, it’s a fun adventure in which things rarely go Lando’s way back in his smuggling days. The book moves fast (perhaps too fast) during its 168 pages and is is very much a plot oriented tale. While this makes for a quick, breezy read, you do feel like it could slow down at times for character moments. Still, what you do get is a good old fashioned “Star Wars” adventure filled with lies, deceptions, tricks, danger and double crosses.

“Lando’s Luck” also comes with a few illustrations by Annie Wu. The depiction of a few scenes and characters are extremely well done and perfectly accompany the story.

Overall Thoughts: If “Lando’s Luck” is any indication, I am certainly on board with the “Flight of the Falcon” arc. I already eagerly await the next book “Pirate’s Price.”

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