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Tintin: The Art Of Hergé Book Review


“Tintin: The Art Of Hergé” is a proper tribute to the Belgian cartoonist.

In celebration of the 90th anniversary of Tintin (yes, it’s been that long), Abrams Comic Arts has released a new softcover edition of the massive 480 page, 7 chapter book titled “Tintin: The Art Of Hergé.”

Written by Michel Daubert, the book takes a deep dive into the life and work of the legendary Belgium cartoonist/artist. The first chapter kicks off with a detailed look into the architecture and building of the modern Tintin art museum. It feels like a bit of a promo piece, but it makes sense given that this book is ‘from the archives of the Hergé museum.” After that readers get a background on Georges Remi AKA Hergé including information about his family, friends, travels, childhood, his time in the boyscouts, his wives, his early art, and, of course, Tintin. Other topics explored here include Hergé’s fame, tidbits about Studios Hergé, the inspirations for his comic work from cinema, literature, and the real world, the geography of Tintin’s global adventures (and in outer space), a breakdown of the Tintin objects and characters from the titular hero to Captain Haddock, and a bibliography of the Tintin books and their plots along with other work such as “The Adventures Of Jo, Zette, and Jocko.”

Even though Tintin is what put Hergé on the map, this book is about more than just about Tintin. It’s a celebration of a man who achieved fame in an occupation that people normally don’t achieve fame in- cartoonist. He became a superstar across the globe and especially in Belgium and his work continues to endure to this day. It’s not hard to see why as you get to pour over countless imaginative pieces he created. Not only do you get to see paintings he worked on, but you also get to view illustrations, pencil sketches, ads, layouts, and self-portraits. Through his non-Tintin work, you get a better picture of the artist and his craft.

Naturally, the book does have a lot of Tintin content and fans of the iconic character will be in heaven here. Expect original Tintin publication prints, pencil and ink work prints (the drawing paper piece from “The Calculus Affair” is really striking), side by side images of Tintin panels and images that inspired it (love the Harpo Marx bit), color and B&W pages, and more. Images are often accompanied by labels that have the year of publication, where the piece was from, and sometimes even how it was made and on what size of paper.

Overall Thoughts: If you treasure Hergé or are curious to know more about his life and creations, “Tintin: The Art of Hergé” is the perfect book to learn about his extraordinary life and work.

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