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Turner Classic Movies: Christmas In The Movies- 30 Classics To Celebrate The Season Book Review


“Turner Classic Movies: Christmas In The Movies- 30 Classics To Celebrate The Season” is another gem from TCM.

Christmas movie viewings are a yearly ritual for many people across the globe, but at some point, you may have felt like you’ve seen the best this genre has to offer. Luckily, author Jeremy Arnold’s “Turner Classic Movies: Christmas In The Movies- 30 Classics To Celebrate The Season” is here to help. Obviously, the holiday staples like “It’s A Wonderful Life,” “A Christmas Story,” “Home Alone,” and 1947’s “Miracle On 34th Street” are covered here, but I’d say at least a third of the titles in this book are not as widely known to the average movie watcher. There are several under the radar films like “We’re No Angels” and “Beyond Tomorrow” as well as a few highly underrated films like “The Shop Around The Corner” and “Holiday Affair.” I could go on, but I’m not about to spoil every title here!

Each film entry is accompanied by photos, credits, a story breakdown,a history about that film, stand-out cast members, and a key holiday moment. Expect plenty of interesting factoids too such as “Love Actually” originally being envisioned as 2 movies, WB dropping “Home Alone” and Donald O’Connor originally set to star in “White Christmas.” Of the 30 films listed, they range from the years 1939 to 2003. There are movies of different genres covered here like musicals, dramas, comedies, action movies and even westerns.

The book also includes an intro about the book, themes in the films, and differences and similarities in the listed Christmas films and their characters. A bibliography and index is also included.

If you love Christmas movies, this is the book for you. Not only do you get insight into the history of these movies, but there will undoubtedly be a few you will want to check out yourself (I know I have a few on my watch list now). Of the 30 films listed, I can’t really argue with those that are included as most of my personal favorites are here (although I have always seen “The Apartment” as more of a New Year’s movie). Could there have been more movies listed here? For sure. It’s a bit odd that ‘Bad Santa” was left off in particular, but as always,it’s all subjective. The great thing about these list books is that people will start discussions and chime in with their own lists.

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