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Star Wars Adventures Issue 14 Comic Book Review



The 14th issue of “Star Wars Adventures” does something different this time around. Instead of the usual “Tales From Wild Space” story, we get a “Flight of the Falcon” tale which is an ongoing arc in books and comics. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. The first story readers will come across is the John Barber scripted “Chewie’s Day Off” which is a “Solo: A Star Wars Story” era adventure in which Han and Chewie venture to Marquinn for business. Han tells Chewie to relax and take a break while he tends to business, but, of course, trouble finds Chewie in the form of a gangster and several other alien beings. It’s a very lighthearted disposable adventure with lots of dopey humor and dialogue in alien and droid languages. Artist Mauricet’s work is pretty solid here but it’s colorist Charlie Kirchoff’s who really elevates the material with the bright colors and detailed aliens and planet environments. His work really jumps off the page.

The second story is the aforementioned “Flight of the Falcon Part 1: Spy Games” which is written by Michael Moreci. The story begins with bounty hunter Bazine Netal talking to IG-88 to get intel on the Millennium Falcon. IG-88 then tells her a story about working for Imperial Agent Kallus (nice!). The Imperials are en route to Savareen to investigate alleged rebel activity and it is there they run into Han and Chewie. Personally, I was all in on this one. The story may be short and simple, but I loved seeing a story with both Kallus and IG-88 that ties into the “Star Wars Rebels” and “Solo: A Star Wars Story” timelines. Arianna Florean’s animated series level artwork perfectly compliments the story as well.

Lastly, the comic concludes with a “Dispatches From Wild Space” segment that features Emil answering a letter as well as a spotlight on Bazine Netal. IDW comic ads are also included.

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