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Creepshow Blu-ray Review


“Creepshow” is still the best horror anthology film.

In 1982, horror giants George A. Romero and Stephen King teamed up for a horror anthology film that was essentially a tribute to 1950’s horror comics. The result? The best horror anthology film to date. “Creepshow” is simply just old fashioned horror entertainment. There’s no profound meaning in these stories. They’re just homages to horror tales of yesteryear. Moreover, there’s not a weak story in the bunch!

For those that need a refresher as to what’s in this movie, allow me to remind you. First of all, there’s a wrap-around story about a horror loving kid named Billy whose “Creepshow” comic is thrown away by his jerk of a father. Billy gets his revenge, however, from a certain comic book mail away.

Next up is “Father’s Day” in which a murdered patriarch rises from the grave to seek revenge against his family…and get his cake! This feels like the most comic booky tale with the coming framing and use of vivid colors (although these elements do show up in the subsequent tales as well).

Following that is “The Lonesome Death of Jody Verrill” which stars Stephen King himself as the doomed cartoony titular redneck character. In this tale, a meteor lands on Jody’s property. Being the curious fellow that he is, he touches it and, well, that’s the end for him as the meteor begins to cause a massive green growth that spreads and spreads (even on Jody himself). While humorous at times, there’s a nice level of tragedy within this short, but highly quotable and memorable story.

“Something To Tide You Over” finds a crazed man (Richard) getting demented revenge against his cheating wife cheating and her new lover, but will his actions come back to haunt him (literally)? This segment is perhaps most notable for Leslie Nielsen’s scene-stealing villainous character Richard.

“The Crate”- After a mysterious crate is uncovered at a college, its contents prove to be quite a threat to those that encounter it. Adrienne Barbeau gives one of the best performances of her career as the insufferable Wilma/Billy in this straight-up monster story.

Last, but not least there’s “They’re Creeping Up On You” which finds a deplorable, OCD, reclusive rich, businessman’s ritzy home being invaded by cockroaches. It’s a very simplistic and gross story that is sold by E.G. Marshall’s stand-out performance.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? I have seen “Creepshow” countless times on various forms of media and this is far and away the best it has ever looked. I was truly blown away by this stunning transfer. Sure, there are dirt specs popping up here and there, but the level of clarity is breathtaking.

Audio Track: 5.1 and 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How do they sound? Honestly, the tracks are a little underwhelming. Even the 5.1 track sounded a bit too low at times during quieter moments. The livelier scenes definitely have more life to them though. Overall, the tracks are solid but they could have been a tad bit sharper.

Extras: * A booklet containing photos, credits, and a written piece by Michael Gingold. * A TV spot * Still galleries for posters and lobby cards, movie posters, color stills, special FX makeup and behind the scenes * 2 radio spots * 2 trailers * 15 minutes of deleted scenes. * “Tom Savini’s Behind-The-Scenes Footage”- Nearly 26 minutes of footage of makeup and creature FX work * “Horror’s Hallowed Grounds”- Another episode of this series that shows off locations from horror films * “The Comic Book Look”- An interview with costume designer Barbara Anderson * “Ripped From The Pages”- An interview with animator Rick Catizone * “The Colors Of Creepshow”- DP Michael Gornick gets interviewed in this extra * “Into The Mix”- An interview with Chris Jenkins sound re-recordist * “Mondo Macabre”- Mondo employees talk about “Creepshow.” * “Terror And The Three Rivers”- A fun half-hour roundtable discussion with John Amplas, Tom Atkins, Tom Savini, and Marty Schiff with host Michael Felsher. * “Collecting Creepshow”- An interview with a fan/collector who has cool props from the film. * A whopping 3 commentary tracks- one with Michael Felsher, George A. Romero and Tom Savini, the second with John Harrison and Ed Fountain and a third with Michael Gornick. The Romero track is clearly the one to go with. * Audio interviews with Michael Gornick, John Amplas, Bruce Alan Miller and Darryl Ferrucci.

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