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Bad Ronald Blu-ray Review


The much hyped “Bad Ronald” makes its debut on Blu-ray.

In this 1974 TV movie, the story revolves around an overbearing ill mother (Elaine) and her artistic, socially awkward and unstable teen son Ronald. Elaine wants her son to become a Doctor, but those plans become derailed after Ronald kills a young girl in a fit of rage. Not wanting her son’s future to be ruined, Elaine hides her son in the walls to keep away from the police and the public eye. When Elaine ends up dying, however, Ronald is left to live alone in the house which soon becomes occupied by a married couple and their 3 daughters. Still sticking to the plan, Ronald continues to live in the walls of the home while the family moves on. As the title suggests, Ronald begins to act rather bad once again.

“Bad Ronald” is a cult TV movie I have long heard about but have never seen until now. After seeing it, I’m not quite sure what all the buzz is about. For the majority of the runtime, the film plays like a standard TV movie of yesteryear. There’s overly dramatic acting, near soap opera styled drama, cheesy dialogue, completely idiotic character actions (of which there are many), you get the drift. The thing that sets it apart from other TV films, however, is that it is rather creepy. It’s clear ‘Ronald’ is heavily influenced by films like “Psycho” and “Peeping Tom” and, indeed, there is a Norman Bates esque quality to Ronald. Unfortunately, screenwriter Andrew Peter Marin and director Buzz Kulik never take full advantage of the story concept or the voyeuristic and demented character of Ronald. Just when the tension becomes to ramp up, the movie ends abruptly in an anti-climactic fashion. You’re left feeling as if you watched half of a movie (especially considering the short 74 minute runtime).

Cast wise, viewers may notice a few familiar faces here including Kim Hunter, Dabney Coleman, Pippa Scott, but it’s star Scott Jacoby who steals the show as Ronald. Even though more could have been done with the character, Jacoby really transforms himself into this wall dwelling creeper.


Presentation: 1.33:1 1080p. How does it look? I doubt anyone expected a 70s TV movie to look this incredible in hi-def. It seriously looks like you are watching a new film. One of the best transfers of the year to be sure.

Audio Track: 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The 2.0 track is also better than average here as the audio clearly has more depth.

No extras.

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