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Reprisal Blu-ray Review


Yes, Bruce Willis is somehow still acting in movies.

After a mysterious tactical criminal knocks over a bank and kills a security guard, the bank manager of said bank (Jacob) becomes haunted by the robbery. Feeling like he could have done something more, Jacob decides to investigate on his own with the help of his neighbor and former cop (James). Together the two try to track down the criminal, but could Jacob’s wife and diabetic child be endangered because of it?

After a rather intense opening bank robbery sequence, it feels as if writer Bryce Hammons seemed stumped as to what to do next because there’s not much that happens afterwards. A bank manager acts as a vigilante cop, the criminal always gets away with ease, the police are clueless, the coincidences are many, the list goes on. The movie is as generic as a direct-to-video (or direct to VOD) movie can be. There’s no depth to the predictable slapped together story, we learn very little about who the criminal is or what his motives are, and much of the film is simply comprised of characters just running around. The film also looks visually unappealing thanks to Brian A. Miller’s bland direction and Peter Holland’s atrocious cinematography.

I’d wager most people would pick this one up for stars Frank Grillo and Bruce Willis, but I wouldn’t get excited by their attachment. Bruce Willis looks as bored as ever as he mumbles his way through the role. Honestly, I have no idea why Frank Grillo is in this. He’s better than this. Sure, he’s the best part of the movie, but that’s not saying much here. Johnathon Schaech does the best he can with his criminal mastermind character even though he has very little to work with.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? Don’t expect a great transfer here due to the lousy shaky cam cinematography.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? A quality 5.1 track that really comes alive during the shootout sequences.

Extras: * Lionsgate trailers and a “Reprisal” trailer * Digital copy * Interviews with Frank Grillo, Brian A. Miller, Johnathon Schaech, Olivia Culpo and Colin Egglesfield * “Making Reprisal” contains film clips, interviews, discussions about the film, etc.

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