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Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil: The Magic Book Of Spells Book Review


“Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil: The Magic Book Of Spells” will bring joy to fans of the show.

If you adore the hit animated Disney series “Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil,” there’s a new in universe tie-in book that may appeal to you courtesy of writers and artists Daron Nefcy (the creator who also has his an introduction to the book), Dominic Bisignano, Amber Benson, Devin Taylor, Drake Brodahl, Cindy Plourde, David Brueggeman, Amanda Thomas and Alison Donato . The book in question is titled “Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil: The Magic Book Of Spells.”

The book is written as if it’s a sort of diary passed down from each Mewni Queen (and there a lot of them) leading up to the Queen of the series Star Butterfly. The Queens that have their own sections of the book include Skywynne: Queen of Hours, Jushtin The Uncalculated, Solaria: The Monster Carver, Eclipsa: The Queen of Darkness, Festivia The Fun, Dirhhennia The Heaped, Crescenta The Eager, Rhina The Riddled, Celena The Shy, Estrella The Drafted, Comet The Chef, Moon The Undaunted, and, of course, Star The Underestimated. Each Queen essentially details their own backstory/history during their time as Queen while also mentioning spells (such as how to move time forward, how to raise the dead, etc.), creatures, pie and drink recipes, dating tips, tarot cards, what to do if a certain scenario rises, the various types of magic wands, Aureole signs (I’m a Deadhorse apparently), and more. Each section of the book is also filled with vivid, quirky and colorful illustrations and images. In fact, each section has its own tone, style, and front (although I am still wondering why sections are in horrendous cursive). For example, Festivia’s section is presented in a tweet diary esque fashion while Estrella (a drawer) has a very creative picture-filled spread. Guiding readers through this book is Sir Glossaryck of Terms who acts as a sort of narrator/guide (who also gets his own spotlight within these pages).

While my knowledge of “Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil” is limited, I have to admit to being impressed by this thick ‘Magic Book Of Spells.’ It’s clear a lot of love, effort, imagination, work and artistry went into each and every page of this book to give fans more content from the show they love as well as an exhaustive history of each Queen character. It almost feels like you are reading a show bible here if you are familiar with the world of screenwriting. Anyway, there’s so much for fans to pour over here and, as an added bonus, book owners are even able to write their own section in a sort of activity section. Simply put, this is an absolute bargain for anyone who treasures “Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil.”

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