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Housewife DVD Review


Not even the cinematography can save “Housewife.”

As a child, Holly saw her sister and father being murdered by her crazed mother. Now, as an adult, Holly has understandably suffered from PTSD. Things become worse for Holly after she reunites with a former roomie (Valery) who is part of an apocalyptic cult named ULM. Valery winds up dragging Holly to a cult event with the face of ULM Bruce O’Hara and that’s when the craziness really begins. Did what Holly believes happened in the past really happen? What’s the story with the ULM cult and why are they interested in Holly? All is revealed in the end.

Films don’t get much more frustrating than “Housewife.” Visually, “Housewife” is a sight to behold. Director Can Evrenol clearly had a vision for this project and cinematographer Tayman Tekin carried out that vision with flair. The film is supremely well shot, the lighting is eerie, and he really creates a haunting atmosphere. Truly, this DP should be working on more high profile pictures. Unfortunately, the visuals cannot carry the movie alone.

The script (which is penned by Evrenol and Cem Ozuduru) is a mess. It wants desperately to be a mixture of “Rosemary’s Baby” and H.P. Lovecraft, but the writing isn’t there. The demented over-the-top ending feels unearned and detached from the rest of the movie. It feels like it’s from another movie entirely to be honest.

“Housewife” also suffers from bad acting across the board. For some reason, the international cast is speaking in English here and no one seems comfortable doing so. I understand the desire to appeal to more markets with this decision, but the cast simply can’t pull it off.


Presentation: 2.40:1. How does it look? The visuals alone make this transfer a winner.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? A fine 5.1 track.

The only extras are trailers for other RLJ Entertainment films.

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