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Deadpool 2 Blu-ray Review


“Deadpool 2” is 2018’s biggest disappointment so far.

At the start of “Deadpool 2,” the Merc With a Mouth is taking out gangsters and criminals galore. Unfortunately, one such gangster takes out someone Wade loves leading him down a dark path. Trying to soldier forth, Deadpool attempts to find his calling by becoming an X-Men, but fails in doing so. He finds a purpose, however, when he encounters a mutant boy (Russell/Firefist) who snaps after staying at a cruel mutant rehab center. Knowing that Russell/Firefist is being targeted by a mysterious mutant time traveler named Cable, Deadpool makes it his mission to protect and save the boy. Needing help in his quest, he makes his own team (X-Force) which includes an integral new character named Domino (whose power is luck). How will all of this play out? That would be telling!

As a big fan of the first film, I was looking forward to this sequel that included fan favorite characters like Cable, Domino, and Juggernaut. After my first viewing, I came away deeply disappointed, but I was willing to give it another chance on home video. Unfortunately, my opinion has not changed.

I may be in the minority here as I know a lot of people cherished this follow-up, but, to me, “Deadpool 2” is a colossal mess. At one point in the film, the line “Well, that’s just lazy writing” pops up and it couldn’t be a more accurate description. From the first 5 minutes, I knew this movie was in trouble as the tone was all over the place. Director David Leitch treats it like a dark, gloomy, action heavy “John Wick” movie which is entirely the wrong approach here. It’s clear that “Deadpool” director Tim Miller was what really made the first film work as he perfectly balanced the drama, action, comedy, and, most importantly, the fun. “Deadpool 2” is not a fun movie. If anything, it’s exhausting, poorly paced, weirdly constructed (it goes from one set piece to another in the strangest of fashions), and it lacks the heart of the first film. Writers Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Ryan Reynolds attempt to create a thru line about family, but it has no emotional impact in the way Vanessa and Wade’s romance did in the first film. The humor is also severely lacking here. Sure, there’s some amusing bits (most notably the X-Men universe cameos and the end credit sequence), but a majority of the jokes are comprised of unfunny callbacks and flat one-liners.

The biggest letdown, however, is the treatment of the characters. All of your favorites from the first film (Dopinder, Weasel, Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Al) have little to do, but the biggest sin is that the new characters (Cable, Domino, Juggernaut and Yukio) are entirely underutilized. When Domino and Cable are on screen you want to know more about them, but they are introduced far too late in the game and aren’t given nearly enough screentime. It’s a shame too as both Zazie Beetz and Josh Brolin both crush it in the roles.

Note: This Blu-ray set contains the theatrical cut and the unrated extended cut which features 15 additional minutes. For the record, the 15 minutes add absolutely nothing


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. How does it look? A pristine hi-def transfer through and through.

Audio Track: 7.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? A dynamic 7.1 track that is especially lively during action sequences.

Extras: * Digital copy * 2 deleted/extended scenes * A gag reel (Brad Pitt included!) * “Deadpool Family Values: Cast of Characters”- A featurette about the family aspect of this sequel * “David Leitch Not Lynch: Directing DP2”- A featurette on the new director * “Deadpool’s Lips Are Sealed: Secrets and Easter Eggs”- This extra covers the secretive nature of filmming this sequel, the new Marvel character inclusions, easter eggs and cameos. * “Until Your Face Hurts: All Takes”- A bonus feature about the sequel * “Roll With The Punches: Action And Stunts”- The stuntwork and action sequences get the spotlight in this extra. * “The Deadpool Prison Experiment”- This one is all about the Icebox prison * “The Most Important X-Force Member”- This one revolves around, you guessed it, Peter * “Chess With Omega Red”- A quick behind-the-scenes look at the actor playing Omega Red on set. * “Swole and Sexy”- Mostly about Josh Brolin’s muscles. It’s a pretty pointless extra really * “3-Minute Monologue”- Josh Brolin talks to the camera while make-up is applied. * ‘Deadpool’s Fun Sack 2”- Stills, trailers, ads, promos, and music videos. * A fun, joke filled commentary on the theatrical cut by Ryan Reynolds, David Leitch, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick that I enjoyed more than the film itself.

Overall Thoughts: When it comes to sequels, bigger is not always better. “Deadpool 2” is proof of that.

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