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Bleeding Steel Blu-ray Review


What did I just watch?

Police Inspector Lin has the bad day to end all bad days at the start of “Bleeding Steel.” He allegedly loses his daughter to leukemia, he fails to protect a man named Dr. James (who has created advanced bio technology) who is killed by one of his James own failed experiments (Andre and his tech suit minions), and Lin’s fellow officers are largely wiped out by Andre and company.

After that nightmarish day, the movie jumps ahead 13 years where Lin is protecting a young girl named Nancy (the identity of which should came as no shock) from Andre and his forces who are seeking something Nancy has (hint: it’s related to a Dr. James creation). Aiding Lin in his quest is a Robin Hood esque thief named Leeson. How will everything play out? Will you even care?

I’ve never been overly fond of Jackie Chan movie vehicles. While his martial arts and stunt skills are undeniable, the movies built around them are largely cheesy, forgettable and generic action flicks. With “Bleeding Steel,” Jackie Chan stars in one of his worst films to date.

Aside from a nifty action set piece atop the Sydney Opera House, this is a chaotic and nearly unwatchable sci-fi action film that gets worse with each passing minute. The out-of-place villain looks like a Nosferatu knock-off that should be from another movie entirely, there are more logic holes than minutes in the runtime, the director treats the movie like a music video mixed with a live-action anime adaptation, the movie rips off everything from “Tron: Legacy” to “The Avengers” for no apparent reason, the central sappy father-daughter story offers nothing resembling emotion, the writing is so poor that you can’t believe this script made it to screen, the cartoony sight gags are a downright embarrassment, and the movie strangely has so many bright colors that it would make “Batman and Robin” blush.

As miserable as I found the film, it’s possible action junkies and Jackie Chan fans may appreciate the fact that it’s heavy on violence and destruction. That’s about all I can recommend the movie to.


Presentation: 2.40:1 1080p. How does it look? A solid, colorful transfer that is probably better than this movie deserves.

Audio Track: Mandarin and English 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How do they sound? Loud tracks that are sure to please action aficionados.

Extras: * Digital copy * “Bleeding Steel” trailer and other Lionsgate trailers

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