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Gravity Falls: Lost Legends Graphic Novel Review


“Gravity Falls” fans will adore these new stories.

If you are a “Gravity Falls” fan that is still mourning the loss of the cult animated series, I have good news for you- there’s more of what you love in the new graphic novel titled “Gravity Falls: Lost Legends.” Written by show creator Alex Hirsch, this graphic novel features 4 never before told stories that didn’t make it to television. The gnome character Shmebulock acts as the host and presenter of the 4 stories which include “Face It,” “Comix Up!,” “Don’t Dimension It” and “Pines Bros Mystery.” “Face It” involves a face stealing creature and a journey to the Paranormal Black Market, “Comix Up!” finds Grunkle Ford and company traveling to a comic world to save Grunkle Stan,” “Don’t Dimension It” involves Mable lost in a dimension of Mabels, and the “Pines Bros Mystery” revolves around Stan and Ford as children that are searching for a missing gold chain that may or may not have been taken by the Jersey Devil.

Barring a resurrection of the series, this graphic novel release is the closest fans will get to brand new episodes of “Gravity Falls.” Even though they are in comic form, it feels like a direct continuation of the show as it contains the same whimsical spirit, plenty of adventure, a dash of creepy moments, and plenty of humor that involve everything from a Mabel table to pants possum. The colorful artwork (which is done by a whopping 13 artists) also gives readers the feeling they are watching the show as well.

In terms of the actual stories, these are not throwaway stories. Not only do they have a poignant message to them, but they each offer up characterization to characters such as Pacifica, Stan and Ford, and Mabel. My personal favorite here is “Comix Up!” which was tailor made for the page. It’s a joyous homage to comic history, comic styles, and various comic characters. “Don’t Dimension It” is also sure to be a fan favorite given all of the Mabel versions that exist in this tale.

Overall Thoughts: If you treasure “Gravity Falls,” pick this graphic novel up to experience fun new stories.

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