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Marrowbone Blu-ray Review


“Marrowbone” doesn’t pan out in the end.

“Marrowbone” begins with a mother (Rose) and her four children (Jack, Billy, Jane and Sam) deciding to start a new life in America. Unfortunately, Rose soon passes away leaving her children behind. Not wanting to be separated and to stay together, the children make a pact to take care of one another in their isolated home by not revealing Rose has passed away to anyone. Their quiet life soon becomes interrupted, however, when the family’s dark past involving their psychotic father comes back into focus. On top of that, a lawyer (Tom) also threatens to uncover the family’s secret. There’s also a key subplot involving a local librarian named Allie who is in love with Jack and is being courted by Tom.

“Marrowbone” is billed as a dramatic horror-thriller but it’s rather light in the horror department. For the most part, this is a slow burn period piece drama set in the 60’s about a family and their secrets. Writer/director Sergio G. Sanchez takes his sweet time building up the characters, the plot, and tension, but when the payoff comes, it feels a bit old hat as it relies heavily on the twist endings. In the case of this particular ending, it’s both predictable to a degree and frustrating in that there are some logic holes in it. Without saying too much, this is one of those movies that has the viewer questioning what is real and what’s not. To say that trope has become tiresome, is an understatement. Yes, the twists do actually have something to say about family, loss, the mind, the past, and so on, but it could have been presented in a stronger fashion.

The cast of largely young actors such as Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Mia Goth and George MacKay are noteworthy. The real star here is George MacKay who has been crushing it lately between his work in “11/22/63,” “Captain Fantastic,” and now this. He has the most to work with here in terms of his character having the most depth. Rising star Anya Taylor-Joy also impresses as Allie especially in the end.


Presentation: 2.40:1 1080p. How does it look? A clean transfer that really showcases the often breathtaking location shooting.

Audio Track: Dolby Atmos. How does it sound? The Atmos track seems like overkill especially since it doesn’t resemble the average Atmos track either. It’s solid but hardly revelatory.

Extras: Magnolia trailers, “Marrowbone” trailer, a half hour of deleted and extended scenes, a “Marrowbone” visual effects reel, and a half hour behind the scenes featurette which contains set footage, film clips, interviews, story and character discussions, and more.

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