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Star Wars Adventures Issue 12 Comic Book Review


More prequel era stories! Huzzah!

In the twelfth issue of “Star Wars Adventures,” there are two stories titled “Intermission, Part 1” and “Tales From Wild Space: A Small Push.” Written by Elisa Charretier and Pierrick Colinet, part 1 of “Intermission” revolves around Anakin telling the Jedi Council a story about a vacation trip with he and Padme Amidala meeting an actress named Risha Synata. Risha persuades the two to check out her museum and this is where the trouble begins.

As a fan of prequel era stories, I was all in on this one. It’s always fun to see Anakin and Padme adventures and this is no exception. Without going into spoilers, I will say this museum trip offers up plenty of geektastic visuals for fans of the saga. In terms of the actress character, I was amused that there was a sort of “Sunset Boulevard” vibe to her. That’s not something I expected to see!

As for the art by Elsa Charretier, it’s a little too sketchy (literally) for such a vivid and visual story. The story required the skill of an artist with a keen eye for details and backgrounds and Charretier isn’t quite up to the task. The coloring by Sarah Stern is also a bit of a letdown as the art here really required a specific color style for many of the panels.

The second story here is writer Scott Peterson’s “Tales From Wild Space: A Small Push.” It’s a short but poignant story in which Mace Windu saves an orphan Twi’lek and changes her life. It’s an on the nose story about helping others, but I enjoyed how it tied into Emil’s story at the end instead of Emil and company telling the story as usual.

The art by Mauricet is, again, a little rough around the edges but it’s serviceable. The bright and impressive color work by Valentina Pinto definitely benefits the tale a lot.

The comic concludes with a “Dispatches From Wild Space” segment containing a Count Dooku spotlight and another piece of Emil answering a letter IDW as well as comic ads and a cover art gallery.

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