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Gravity Falls: The Complete Series- Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Review


“Gravity Falls” is a quirky animated series.

Comprised of 2 seasons and 40 episodes, “Gravity Falls” follows the adventures of twin siblings Dipper and Mabel in the weird titular Oregon town. While the two siblings set out to merely stay with their great uncle Stan (who runs a tourist trap business called Mystery Shack), they become wrapped up in oh so much more when they find mysterious journals detailing strange things discovered around town. Of course, they too also run into many strange things themselves. Plot wise, viewers can expect stories about Mabel’s odd boyfriend, an alleged sea monster, a wax figure, the villainous Lil’ Gideon, Wendy (who Dipper has a crush on), Dipper trying to be more manly, clones, the town founder, time travel, a video game character coming to life, Waddles the pig, a magic crystal, a summer Halloween celebration, the Mystery Shack, a bottomless pit, a merman, secret rooms, the villainous demon Bill Cipher, zombies, a shape shifter, a portal, living golf balls, sock puppets, Soos, clay monsters, a secret society, Blendin Blandin, romance, Government agents, Stan’s twin brother Ford, a board game, Stan running for Mayor, a UFO, and Weirdmageddon (basically the apocalypse).

Clearly inspired by the likes of “Twin Peaks,” “The X-Files,” “Myst,” “Lost,” and “Men In Black,” “Gravity Falls” was a very un-Disney like animated series that became a sizable cult hit. It’s easy to see why the series developed a fanbase as the show’s oddball characters, unique universe, creativity, and pop culture references really set it apart from other modern series. It’s also the type of series that can appeal to both kids and adults alike as there’s something for people of all ages here be it goofy or sophisticated humor.

Personally, I found the series to be refreshingly different from the usual fare. The serialized animated series even looks and feels different than the standard cartoon. It’s also admirable how the series unfolded over the course of two seasons. The first season is mostly character centric and deals with creatures and strange goings on. The second season plays differently in that it delves way more into the mythology all while wrapping up the questions, secrets, and clues that have been sprinkled in by the show’s writers. While I do feel the show could have easily gone on for more seasons, there’s something appealing about the fact that there’s a clear beginning and end for this show. As many folks out there now, we’re not so lucky to get closure on shows that have an untimely ending/cancellation.


Presentation: 1.78:1 1080p. How does it look? The episodes appear crisp, bright, colorful, and clear. Fans will certainly be happy with the hi-def transfers.

Audio Tracks: 5.1 and 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How do they sound? Both tracks are lively (especially the layered 5.1 track).

Extras: * A special envelope that is housed within the set. * Commentary on every episode by the likes of Alex Hirsch, Jason Ritter, Kristen Schaal, Mike Rianda, Jackie Buscarino, Jeff Rowe, Shion Takeuchi, Rob Renzetti, Alonso Ramirez Ramos, Matt Braly, Matt Chapman, and Ariel Hirsch. The tracks are largely delightful and humorous. Expect tons of behind-the-scenes stories and insight into the writing and creative process. * A whopping 62 minutes of deleted scenes in various stages of completion (mostly storyboards) with Alex Hirsch narrating/voice acting. * 9 promos * 5 shorts titled “Dipper’s Guide To The Unexplained,” “Mabel’s Guide To Life,” “Fixin’ It With Soos,” “TV shorts,” and “Mabel’s scrapbook” * A retrospective 7 part extra titled “One Crazy Summer” which contains interviews, show clips, a tour through a storage locker full of archival materials, a segment on the score and fans, and more. * “The Hirsch Twins”- A featurette on Alex and Ariel Hirsch. * “Between The Pines”- A half hour special on the easter eggs, clues, and details within the series as well as info about the show’s influences.

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