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The Last Ship Season 4 DVD Review


The fourth season of “The Last Ship” is strictly for fans of the TNT series.

Starting off 16 months after the events of season, the 10 episode fourth season of “The Last Ship” finds the main character of Tom Chandler attempting to live a peaceful existence in Greece. Of course, that doesn’t last and he winds up back with the crew of Nathan James. Speaking of the ship, it’s on a mission to find seeds that have immunity to the red rust virus that is now affecting plant life and destroying crops. Complicating matters further this season is the villainous mad Doctor Vellek who has his own plan.

If you love the work of Michael Bay, you’ll likely find yourself head over heels in love with the Michael Bay produced “The Last Ship.” The global pandemic series, which has admittedly amassed a loyal fanbase over the years, has everything you’d expect from a Michael Bay production. Big ideas, dramatic hooks, heroism, grounded action, patriotism, American military, you get the gist. Unfortunately, this post-apocalyptic sea faring adventure series also has many of the same flaws that a typical Michael Bay production has ala wooden dialogue, poorly executed concepts, ideas beaten over your head (see “The Odyssey” angle), and so on. It doesn’t help that the show resembles a cheesy 90’s syndicated series and that there’s a lack of production values that are needed for such an ambitious series.

“The Last Ship” is not without merit though. The location shooting for this globe trotting adventure is first rate and, while the cast is largely dull, there are a few stand outs like Adam Baldwin, Peter Weller and Bridget Regan.


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? The episodes look crisp even in standard definition.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? There’s quite a bit of depth to the audio for the episodes.

Extras: * “Inside The Last Ship”- A 5 part extra that dives into season 4, villains, Chandler, The Med, and Nostos. * “The Last Ship’s Odyssey”- An extra about the parallels with Homer’s “The Odyssey.”

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