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Time After Time Blu-ray Review


“Time After Time” never lives up to its potential.

Written and directed by Nicholas Meyer, “Time After Time” begins in 1893, London amidst the Jack the Ripper murder spree. One night while entertaining dinner guests, H.G. Wells talks about a time machine he is invented. His gathering is interrupted, however, when the police come knocking at his door. It turns out that one of his friend’s/dinner guest is actually Jack the Ripper AKA John Leslie Stevenson. Worse still, John has stolen his time machine and fled to San Francisco in the year 1979. Luckily, Wells still possesses a key that causes the machine to return to him and so he too ventures off to 1979 to track down Jack. While in this new time period, Wells finds himself falling for a banker (Amy Robbins) all while trying to prevent John from carrying out a new murder spree.

Despite boasting a clever time travel story full of possibility, writer/director Nicholas Meyer never fully utilizes the potential of the premise. Much of the time, the film is comprised of quirky fish out of water moments with Wells (ala eating McDonalds and discovering an electric toothbrush) and the blossoming romance with Amy. As a result, the Jack the Ripper storyline is almost a side story as Wells isn’t the most proactive hero. Even more disappointing is the woefully anti-climactic ending that resolves the big “issue” in the most rushed manner possible.

Other elements of the film leave a lot to be desired as well. You’d never believe this film was made in 1979 with the truly horrendous special FX on display. The out-of-place score by Miklos Rosza doesn’t do the film any favors either.

One thing “Time After Time” does have going for it is the three central leads- Malcolm McDowell, David Warner, and Mary Steenburgen. Along with his work in “Clockwork Orange,” this is one of McDowell’s best performances. He’s the clear MVP of this film. The always reliable veteran actor David Warner’s role is underwritten, but he does the best he can with the part. Mary Steenburgen also shines as the feminist banker Amy Robbins.


Presentation: 2.40:1 1080p. How does it look? Aside from a few print defects, this is a very clean and sharp transfer.

Audio Track: 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The 2.0 track is a little soft, but adequate.

Extras * “Time After Time” trailer * A commentary by Malcolm McDowell and Nicholas Meyer. Both provide interesting comments about writing, filmmaking and acting.

Overall Thoughts: I know “Time After Time” has many fans, but I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by the end result. If you’ve never seen it before, however, give it a shot and see how you feel about it.

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