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Bent Blu-ray Review


We have a contender for worst film of 2018.

Describing the plot of “Bent” is bound to give anyone a headache, but I’ll try my best. After a drug bust goes south and ends in the murder of his partner, a cop (Danny) winds up doing some jail time. After getting out, he decides to get justice and seek the truth behind what happened by doing his own investigation. As he wanders around questioning people (which is the majority of the movie), he learns that the murder is connected to a federal agent, a car bomb murder of a Government official’s wife, a church, and, of course, money. Will Danny get the answers he needs so he can move on with his life? Will you even care?

“Bent” is one of those big cast movies that bypassed theaters. It’s also one of those movies in which you understand why it bypassed theaters. The crime/thriller film (which is written and directed by Bobby Moresco) is a perfect example of how to not make a movie. It’s uninvolving, the “action” is poorly shot, it’s devoid of emotion and entertainment, the script does a poor job of establishing characters, place, and plot, the dialogue is stilted, and the plot is as convoluted as can be. Heck, even the fake rain could not look any worse!

One would think that the cast comprised of Karl Urban, Andy Garcia, and Sofia Vergara would at least salvage the film a little, but that’s not the case. I am normally a fan of Karl Urban. The veteran actor has shown that he has real chops on everything from “Star Trek” (2009) to the LOTR films. Alas, he looks entirely disinterested in every frame here, but who can blame him? The same can be said for Andy Garcia. Sofia Vergara at least tries here as she does something outside of the norm for her, but her character is so underwritten that she can only do so much.


Presentation: 2.40:1 1080p. How does it look? A sharp transfer that is better than this film deserves.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? A solid 5.1 track. No more, no less.

Extras: * Lionsgate trailers and a trailer for “Bent” * Digital copy * Interviews with Bobby Moresco, Andy Garcia, Sofia Vergara, Karl Urban * “Behind The Scenes Of Bent”- A 10 1/2 minute featurette that contains set footage, interviews, character and story discussions, etc.

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